BeardUp from the Start Up!

When my husband started growing his beard out he wanted something that would help with his dry, flaky (beardruff) skin. He looked online and found all kinds of beard oils he could try but the price of some of them were very high and there were a lot of brands to choose from so he decided to narrow the search down by what ingredients they used. Many of them had synthetic fragrances, dyes, and some even used castor oil as a filler oil. He purchased some but still left wondering what it would be like to make his own with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. He continued to make beard oil and then eventually went on to make beard balms too. Beard balms helped to keep the moisture in that the oils provided. Balm also added shine to the beard and it tamed all his flyaways (especially in the winter time). Since using both his own beard oil and balms he was itch free, no more flaky skin and his beard was actually soft. He no longer left red spots all over our two little boys when he kissed them and gave them raspberries! My husband began sharing his oils and balms and people loved them. We have people wanting to purchase them and for awhile we just sold them locally through friends, coworkers, and vendor fairs. We even gave a lot out as gifts (which brought them back wanting more!). We finally decided to spread our wings, take a leap of faith or whatever other cliche thing I can think of...and begin selling to others! BeardUp oil and balms are great for any bearded man or for anyone! We use the balm in our kids' hair! The oils can also be use for massage oils.

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